The Dignity of Earth and Sky

Dignity of Earth and Sky is a soaring 50' tall sculpture of a native woman standing high on a bluff above the Missouri River. “Dignity represents the courage, perseverance and wisdom of the Lakota and Dakota culture in South Dakota,” Lamphere said. “My hope is that the sculpture might serve as a symbol of respect and promise for the future.”

Representing the rich Native American culture of South Dakota, the woman gracefully wears a dress patterned after a two-hide Native dress of the 1840s. She holds outstretched a quilt featuring 128 stainless steel blue diamond shapes designed to flutter in the wind. During the day, her star quilt – a representation of respect, honor and admiration in Native American culture – glitters in the sun with color-changing pieces that move with the wind. At night, LED lights cause the diamond shapes to glow in the night sky, casting a peaceful presence easily visible from the Interstate.

"I believe she was sent here to open our hearts and minds. Her outstretched arms are inviting us into her blanket where we can learn from each other, acknowledge our differences and celebrate our similarities," State Senator Troy Heinert, a Rosebud Lakota tribal member, speaking at the dedication. 

Located on a bluff between exits 263 and 265 on Interstate 90 near Chamberlain, the stainless steel, 50-foot-tall statue was specifically designed by sculptor Dale Lamphere to honor the cultures of the Lakota and Dakota people. He used three Lakota models ages 14, 29 and 55 to perfect the face of Dignity. Dignity of Earth and Sky began in 2015 and was dedicated September 17, 2016. 

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