Purchase With a Purpose

Purchase With a Purpose

Your purchase of official Dignity of Earth and Sky©️ merchandise contributes to a permanent endowment that fosters innovative markets and supports creative commerce for native artists in South Dakota. We believe in paying it forward and community commitment in action. The Dignity Art Market is the ONLY entity with the authority to use the image to produce products for sale. The non-profit market was open in 2020 to protect the image of Dignity from inappropriate usage. We welcome you to join us in this effort. Wopida Tanka! (Thank You in Dakota)

Paying It Forward

The Dignity Art Market was established by the sculptor and his wife in 2020 to safeguard, and preserve for the future, the 70-year commercial copyright protection of the image of Dignity of Earth and Sky by using that copyright in a retail and online setting. Their initial donation allowed the creation of respectful, useful, and unique merchandise for visitors and individuals who want to remember their visit to the home and land of the Great Sioux Nation and support our purpose. We are a tiny but growing business dedicated to honoring and giving back to native artists.

Community Commitment in Action

In 2021 the Dignity Art Market hosted the first annual day of celebration at the Dignity of Earth and Sky site. Winyan Ki Woyuonihan Ikikcupi (Women Taking Back Honor) included many prominent speakers, including the former Oglala Sioux tribal president Cecelia Fire Thunder, Belinda Joe Rencountre from Lower Brule, and State Representative Tamara St. John from Sisseton. They talked about the courageous and resilient women of native nations and their role in the family and community. The Lakota Women Warriors posted the colors for the day. In 2022 we celebrated the children at the Youth Woyuonihan (Honor) Day. The program, presentations, and honored guests were all children. Sage advice from tribal elders and leaders gave an inter-generational sense of purpose and determination to the event. The Dignity Art Market donated funds to the Dakota Indian Foundation for the event expenses and donated over $1000 in merchandise for the youth. Mark your calendar for the event on Saturday October 7, 2023.

In 2022 the Dignity Art Market was the proud Premier Host of the Native People of the Plains Fashion Show at their annual art show. We donated $5000 and merchandise for the designers and models. Native POP is an annual two-day juried show in the Black Hills. Over 50 Great Plains Native visual and performing artists participate in this prestigious show.

The Dignity Art Market also financially supported the 2022 Black Hills Powwow, one of the prominent American Indian cultural events in the United States, attracting thousands of dancers, singers, artisans, and several thousand spectators. The Dignity Art Market is the ONLY entity with the authority to use the image to produce products for sale. The only retail stores to purchase merchandise are located in Chamberlain and Oacoma and at the South Dakota Heritage store and the State Capitol in Pierre. The Dignity Art Market has no employees but has a team of professionals to facilitate the process. All time and proceeds are donated.